Meet the Herd


WELCOME to Grin and Barrus! We are a crazy mix of chaos and wit just trying to live abundantly.  We have 14 children that are the light of our world who were both born into our family the old fashioned way or adopted.  And most recently, we were matched with six more beautiful children who have been waiting for an adoptive family to find them.  This blog is the story of our imperfectly perfect life — all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and absolutely craziness of living with our herd (and trust us…it’s crazy).  We are happy you are here and hope our story uplifts and encourages you through whatever craziness of your own you may be walking through.  Please email us at

With Love from the Land of Chaos,

Ben and Bridget & the Herd

Bk (age 23), Brialee (age 18), Ben (age 17), Bryant Jay (age 16), Boden (age 15), Bronx (age 15), Bostynn Quiasha (age 13), Brielle (age 12), Braelynn (age 12), Brooklynn (age 11), Booker (age 9), Bridger (age 8), and Bauer (age 7)