New Beginnings

These two love birds tied the knot in August. COVID-19 meant a much smaller celebration, but it was the perfect weekend filled with family and a lot of love. Shoutout to Jeremy Erickson (www.jrerickson.com) for another amazing video that captured it all perfectly. Welcome to the chaos Sadie...we love you both very much! https://vimeo.com/476926552?fbclid=IwAR34wLHRiI1hD-9b2qP7inP20lfx2MWpHO8wPWu_jR4dwC4NaIF4xtVtRaU

Big Daddy

Time Flies

You know that old saying, "time flies when you are having fun"? Well, it flies regardless. The last six months have been filled with amazing blessings, beautiful memories, and many difficult moments. We have tried to write update posts a million times and the heaviness of it often felt too sad, too heavy. Combine all… Continue reading Time Flies