12 Days of Christmas for Ben: THANK YOU

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for participating in the 12 Days of Christmas for Ben. It has been a beautiful experience for all of us, especially Ben. He felt your love and it moved all of us in so many ways. THANK YOU!

Here is a quick recap:

  • Ben received hundreds of texts on Day 1 and throughout the week.
  • We heard stories of hugs being shared with loved ones and strangers and we received hugs both virtually and physically on Day 2.
  • You paid for groceries, the meal or drink for the car behind you, and more on Day 3 to Pay-it-Forward.
  • Day 4 brought us all to tears with the beautiful music and testimonies shared. This was one of the most tender days.
  • Day 5 was staggering with nearly $1600 raised for scholarships for youth participating in HSB, Cantus Youth Choirs, and Idaho Strike Volleyball in addition to the generous donation from the HSB organization itself.
  • We laughed until we cried on Day 6 with your favorite family memories and stories as well as memories many of you had with Ben (be sure to check out his Facebook feed to read some of those!)
  • On Day 7 you visited virtually by sending video messages full of love and well-wishes.
  • Dozens and dozens of Christmas cards were received on Day 8 (and throughout the week).
  • Day 9 took Ben all around the world and I suspect we will see him on more adventures. He went skiing in Austria, visited the Christmas square in Jordan, rode in a Tuk-Tuk in Thailand, visited a small Norwegian village, went bowling, visited family Down Under, saw the stars and stripes in Germany, went to the beaches of Florida and so much more. Huge shoutout to some of our beautiful exchange student sons from around the world who participated – Ammar, Jan, Seng, Alejandro, Anders, and Corey. And to our dear friend Pete for starting Ben’s grand adventures.
  • We heard about opening doors for strangers, buying groceries, and helping friends and strangers in need when you shared and served on Day 10.
  • On Day 11, Ben received dozens of letters, notes, and messages. They really lifted his spirits!
  • And on Day 12, nearly 40 people gathered around our cul-de-sac on Christmas Eve to surprise him with carols and love. I still get goosebumps when I think about that night. It was stunning.

There were other amazing blessings, gifts, messages, food, hugs, visits, and love that came in the days leading up to Christmas. Over and over we were reminded that we are not alone in this journey are loved by so many. God is in the details of our lives, and He is watching over us, bringing us angels to walk alongside us and with our children.

Thank you again (and again and again) for making the 12 Days of Christmas for Ben perfect. We love you!



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