12 Days of Christmas for Ben: DAY 11

Recently, I had a conversation with a dear and treasured friend who said that he was having a tough time coming over to the house to visit Ben. I didn’t understand at first until he shared his innermost feelings of loss and grief at seeing Ben’s decline in person. I wish I could have wrapped my arms around him. What an amazing reflection of his love for Ben and the fine balance he was trying to maintain between compassion and sorrow in his own heart.

When I started planning the 12 Days of Christmas for Ben, my goal was to help build a bridge between him and the rest of the world. There was an extended period of time in the past year where he literally had no contact from anyone outside of our immediate family and one or two friends. For almost a year he was forgotten. He was alone. At one point in all of the struggle, Ben shared with me that he felt like he was experiencing the same loneliness and loss of connection when the Savior uttered, “why hast thou forsaken me?”

COVID fears, a broken tailbone, and disease progression have created the perfect storm. It has significantly severed Ben’s connections with friends and family. This disease has taken a lot from us, but the loss of human connection is perhaps one of the most devastating. Thank you for bringing it back. Thank you for sharing love and light. There are just two days left before Christmas and the bridge between Ben and the rest of the world is almost complete.

Day 11 is your day to share your heart with Ben. How has he inspired you? How has he touched your life for good? Share with him how important he is to you. Share stories of his children and how you have interacted with them. Share your thoughts and feelings about the Savior. Share, share, share. I know that these love notes will become treasured possessions for him and for his children later. I cannot thank you enough for participating wholeheartedly the last 10 days. Days 11 and 12 are going to be amazing!



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