12 Days of Christmas for Ben: DAY 7

We are over half-way through the 12 Days of Christmas for Ben and if we ended today, his heart would be full! But, I’m hoping you can give just a little bit more. We laughed and cried and laughed some more yesterday with all of the memories you shared of your families and of Ben. Day 6 was pretty dang good.

Day 7 is pretty easy — send him a video message. You can find him on Marco Polo, send him a video in Messenger or on Instagram, or make one and tag him on social media. And in case you missed it yesterday, Gary Levox of Rascall Flatts sent him one. Check out the post on his Facebook wall if you’d like to see it.

We can’t wait to SEE your smiling faces and feel your love today. And thank you again (a million times infinity) for participating and bringing joy for my guy.



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