12 Days of Christmas for Ben: DAY 6

I never could have imagined how amazing this 12 Days of Christmas would be! Ben has been so touched by your kindness, generosity, and love. Thank you for helping make this Christmas season the best one ever for him and our family.

One of the challenges we have right now is getting his wheelchair adapted to meet his needs. I’ve been working on it for weeks. Literally. I’ve been calling, texting, getting doctor’s orders, and emailing our wheelchair provider and am stuck. This means that it is not safe for him to go anywhere because he does not have the right supports on his chair to help support his trunk (chest and tummy) and his head. He wants to get out of bed. He wants to go get some fresh air. He wants to sit next to us at the dinner table. But right now, he’s stuck. If you could add this problem to your prayers on our behalf, that would be so appreciated!

Earlier this week, Ben shared with me that he was feeling a bit lonely. He misses his friends and seeing you all face-to-face. COVID and his broken tailbone and now a chair that isn’t safe for him have all played a role in isolating him further and further from life. Day 6 is all about helping him remember the great times with friends and family. If you can take a moment to share your favorite memory with Ben today, the 12 Days of Christmas will be even better, and Ben’s heart will be a bit lighter.

Much love and gratitude from me to you!



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