12 Days of Christmas for Ben: DAY 5

Being active has always been a large part of Ben’s life. He played volleyball multiple times a week in the park, coached youth sports (Optimist Football and both girls’ and boys’ volleyball), sang music, and participated in the many activities our children were part of. Losing the ability to participate as an individual first and then losing the ability to actively participate in the extracurricular lives of our children has been devastating for both Ben and the kids.

Last night, Bauer played in the championship game for his basketball league, TV80. Tonight, Bridger will do the same. They will race home to watch the game with their dad on a device, but it is still a disappointment that he cannot be there to cheer them on in person. The same is true for multiple activities and events for all of our children.

Fortunately, the kids have been embraced by a community of amazing coaches, choral directors, teachers, and staff (and fellow bleacher parents) who recognize the bravery and resiliency that exists within our children to keep participating in activities despite the struggles they are going through. When I started thinking about the 12 Days challenge, I wanted to find a way to honor Ben and his encouragement to our children to keep going, to keep living, and to support these wonderful programs, mentors, and friends who are walking this journey along with them. Shouldn’t every child have the opportunity to be surrounded by such goodness?!

In honor of Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas for Ben, I am pleased to announce the establishment of a scholarship fund in Ben’s name to support youth participating these amazing organizations.

Your donation to Ben’s scholarship fund will help children, just like ours, participate in these amazing organizations. And while he can’t be there in person to celebrate their victories and encourage growth when they stumble, these amazing coaches, mentors, and friends will be, and we can’t thank them enough!



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