Feeding the Herd

Feeding the Herd: Meal Plan for the September 15 to September 30, 2019

I have tried every method Pinterest can find to help me plan meals for my large family. Cooking for a large herd atleast three times a day is a task. My meal planning efforts were more error than trial but I think I have finally found a system that works. Keep in mind that most days require a minimum of 7 million drop offs and pick-ups from sporting practices, events, and more so my time in the kitchen has to be minimal at best. In these next two weeks we have Homecoming, 3 birthdays, 12 football games, 3 JV events for our cheerleader, 29 sporting practices, 3 doctor appointments, one evening of youth choir, and one evening of church youth group. Plus homework, laundry, dishes, and oh yes…LIFE! I try to do meal prep once every two weeks so that either I or one of my trusty helpers can grab what is for dinner and start it. Combine our crazy chaotic life with the essential need to eat healthy and fuel our family with clean, whole foods (we follow keto and paleo) and meal planning becomes critical.

I plan my menu for two weeks at a time. Generally I take one week of meals and then double it for the second the week. Using this technique also helps me save money because I can buy items in bulk versus more single use items. I am a regular at Cash and Carry and Costco! I also don’t have enough storage space to shop monthly. I have included a picture of my meal planning worksheet below for this week.

I am including the links to some of the really great recipes that we are using this week. I hope you enjoy!

What are you cooking this week and how do you meal plan? I’d love to learn what works for you and see if I can steal some of your awesomeness to help my family live better!

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