Feeding the Herd

Feeding the Herd: Breakfast Burritos

We have four teenage boys that are hungry…all the time. Add football season to that mix and you have four teens trying to cram 5ooo calories into their day.  Not to mention the teen who has to have that many calories normally due to his muscle disease.  Convenience foods like frozen burritos and pizza pockets don’t last more than 30 seconds in our home and honestly, they aren’t good for them anyway.  We had to have a plan or we would go broke just trying to feed everyone while slowly killing them in the process.

Enter…the breakfast burrito.  Cheap and filling, these little (well not-so-little) gems are a staple in our freezer.  They work well on busy mornings when I don’t feel like making a hot breakfast or right after practice when they are so hungry they would eat anything.  Simply unwrap, place a moist paper towel on top of the burrito, and microwave for 3 minutes.  So easy that even a starving teenager can do it!

Here is a cost breakdown of our breakfast burritos:

  • Bacon (Tips and Ends): $6.78 X 2
  • Tatertots (Largest Bag): $1.18 X  3
  • Onions (2 Large): $.02 (We buy ours in a 50 pound bag)
  • Garlic (4 Tbsp): $.02
  • Cheddar Cheese (1/2 of a Large Bag): $5.15 (on sale this week at Cash-n-Carry)
  • Salt and Pepper (2 Tbsp each): $.04
  • Eggs (5 Dozen Package): $3.25 X 2
  • Tortillas (Bulk Packages from Costco): $4.50 X 2

TOTAL COST: $37.83

This batch made 77 teen sized burritos bringing the total cost per burrito to only $.49.  Our local box store carries breakfast burritos that are only half the size of the ones we make for $.67 each.  You could save even more by hashing your own potatoes and making your own tortillas, both of which I have done before but sometimes you just have to have good boundaries in the land of chaos 😀 Stay tuned for the recipe/instructions tomorrow.

From the Land of Chaos,





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